Ensemble in residence​

Ensembleinresidence Collage

Being an ensemble in residence at Ticino Musica means being included in an international programme with the possibility of performing in numerous concerts, often in collaboration with the great masters who are guests of the event or with young soloists who have already won international competitions. On an educational level, the ensemble in residence is offered the possibility of perfecting its skills through lessons with Academy teachers.

2024 - Quartetto Turicum
2024 - Lutetia Trombone Quartet

Ensemble from past editions

2023 - Iyoko Ensemble
2023 - Wind quintet Fedro
2022 - Fedro wind quintet
2022 - Quartetto Eridano
2021 - Quartetto Dulce in Corde
2021 - Animato Kwartet
2021 - Quintetto Sorolla
2020 - Quartetto Eos
2019 - Al Pari Quartet
2018 - Lugano 4tunes – quartetto d’archi
2018 - Thinking Brass – quintetto d’ottoni