Ticino Musica: a crossroads of nationalities and musical personalities

01 September 2022

Ticino Musica 2022 celebrated the presence of 43 different nationalities: from Armenia to Viet Nam, from Kazakhstan to Burkina Faso, from Australia to Uruguay, the origins of the participants ranged from every part of the globe, covering the length and breadth of the 5 continents.

Ticino Musica has therefore confirmed, once again and more than ever, to be a true international meeting of great masters and young musicians who, in the space of two weeks, were able to live a musical and human experience that they will carry with them for a long time.

“Congratulations on the health and vitality of the Festival. The level is excellent and what you continue to achieve together is extraordinary. Amazing!” (Alexander Shelley)

“I've really enjoyed these two fantastic weeks full of work with great musicians, amazing friendly conductor and beautiful music. Thank you for being part of the festival this year! My best wishes and congratulations to you all who have helped making the idea of an orchestral project to be real!” (a member of the Festival Orchestra)