Gabor Meszaros, bassoon

Born in a family with a great musical tradition, Gabor Meszaros studies with his father Janos Meszaros, former student of Karel Pivonka. He also followed courses with Milan Turkovic, Frantisek Hermann, Werner Seltmann, Knut Sönstevold and Karl Leister.

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  • Accompanying pianist Redian Teqja
  • Date of mastercalss 19 - 31 July 2023
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At age 26 he became principal bassoon at the Balearic Symphony Orchestra. He has also collaborated with different orchestras in Switzerland, Spain and Germany, and has acted as soloist under the direction of Arpad Joo, Víctor Pablo Pérez, Anthony Wit, Franz-Paul Decker, Philippe Bender, Johannes Goritzki, Lü Jia, Odón Alonso, Cristian Mandeal and Gilbert Varga. He is regularly invited as jury member in many international competitions.

Since 1998, he is bassoon professor at the Conservatory in Lugano. Some of his students have received high ranking awards in international competitions and have become regular members in different symphony orchestras. He also dedicates lots of time to conduct the woodwind ensemble of the Lugano Conservatory, so being able to transmit his vast experience as a chamber music player.

Hi regularly gives masterclasses in Italy, Hungary, Portugal, Spain, China, Corea and Switzerland, and works also as solo bassoon with different orchestras like the Festival Orchester Basel, the Mendelssohn Philharmonie Düsseldorf and the National Orchestra of the Basque Country in San Sebastian. In 2000 he was invited as main bassoon for the Millennium Gala Concert of the Nations, which took place at the Lincoln Center in New York and was organised by the UNESCO.

Chamber music is an integral part of his artistic activity. He is member of the Swiss Nonet, the Ensemble Varié, the Trio insolito, the Ticino Musica Ensemble, and has also collaborated with the Ensemble Villa Musica. As a soloist he has performed in Europe, Asia, and North and Central America, in cities like Zurich, Bern, Berlin, Cologne, Madrid, Bacelona, Shaghai, Seoul, New York City, and the like. He has also participated to different radio and television broadcasts. In 2002 he published his latest CD: Music for Bassoon and Piano – “France”, with the label La Bottega Musicali (Milan), which was received by the critics.

Since 2009, Gabor Meszaros is Artistic Director of the Ticino Musica Festival.

Accompanist for the Bassoon course: Roberto Arosio

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