Bye bye Ticino Musica, see you in 2021!

02 August 2020

The 24th edition of Ticino Musica has come to its conclusion. The festival of the Covid era, masks, social distancing, open-air concerts and limited attendance was brought to a close beautifully on the stage at the Boschetto of Parco Ciani on the evening of Thursday, July 30, by the sparkling cello ensemble led by M° Giovanni Gnocchi.

However, this festival will be remembered not so much for the binding restrictions due to the pandemic, for the uncertainties of the "opening", for the sanitizing everywhere and the fixed thought of "we hope that next year everything will return normal", but for the smiles, even at 8:00 in the morning, ready for the first lessons. It will be remembered for the enthusiasm of making a festival, of being part of it, for the pure joy of returning to make music together, live, in front of a real audience, for the happiness of coming back to confront and share this incredible art form that goes beyond borders and every form of barrier.

"Ticino Musica 2020 was a surprising edition, enhanced in the first place by the simple fact of being there, after the threat of cancellation and the efforts to make it happen it despite all the difficulties. The fatigue of the last month of organization vanished into the warm smiles of the audience, which supported us with their participation and sincere gratitude. The numerous open-air concerts, realized with the precious collaboration of the Longlake Festival, brought many people to listen to classical music for the first time. Performing in events of this kind at the Parco Ciani or in Piazza Manzoni was a risk, but thanks to the benevolent weather and a congenial amplification system we managed successfully. We look forward to next year enriched by this experience and hope to be able to celebrate the 25th birthday of Ticino Musica worthily, that is, by finally presenting the Opera (the "Il Barbiere di Siviglia" that awaits us), reorganizing the International Young Composers Academy "live" in Lugano and offering a billboard of events and masterclasses with all the instruments and concerts also in the usual halls, such as the Aula Magna of the Conservatory and the LAC.” Thus, the artistic director Gabor Meszaros summarized "his" festival in these few lines.