TICINO MUSICA 2015 – Press release

The Ticino Musica Festival welcomes the 2016 edition

Lugano, August 2nd 2015 – With the “Goodbye Ticino Musica 2015 and see you in Ticino Musica 2016” closing ceremony that took place on Saturday August 1st 2015, the 19th edition of the festival, that for yet another year brought music all around Ticino, came to an end.

The outcome is extremely positive, not only in terms of quantity, but mainly for the high quality of all concerts, masterclasses, Opera Studio and the Workshop for contemporary music.

The masterclasses were a testimony of the teachers’ devotion and commitment towards their students, working tirelessly from morning to sunset. Through the concert series “I giovani maestri si presentano” (The young masters introduce themselves), participants had the opportunity to put into practice the newly acquired knowledge and to bring into a professional context everything they learned from the teachers, serving also in that sense as a further opportunity for development and grouth. The concerts of the young musicians were also received with a very enthusiastic, and at times even emotive, response from the public.

The Opera Studio, that was acclaimed by both audience and critics as a great success, has confirmed its power as an educational experience of the highest levels for singers, musicians and conductors. The coordinating team of this projects, formed by Umberto Finazzi (musical director), Marco Gandini (director) and Claudio Cinelli (set designer and costumes) managed to create an environment of enthusiasm and serenity despite the tight, and at times rough, schedule.

The Workshop for contemporary music was a fruitful story of integration and conciliation of a varied set of actors – conductors, composers, musicians and singers – who had the opportunity to work on key pieces of the repertoire from the 20th century (Schönberg’s Pierrot Lunaire and Stockhausen’s Zeitmasze), as well as on freshly created pieces by the participants of the composition course. Arturo Tamayo, Mathias Steinauer, Johannes Schöllhorn and Luisa Castellani were also extremely successful in leading a team of pedagogic and artistic content of the highest standing.

The 57 events in program were received by the people in Ticino with full appreciation, warmth and interest.

Ticino Musica has once again confirmed its particular nature as a very sui generis event that, beyond the complex organization and the wide didactic and artistic offer, has the power to bring positive energy all throughout Ticino, every day at every moment. As Lorenzo Micheli – one of the most acclaimed guitar players worldwide and also teacher of the masterclasses – puts it: “Ticino Musica is quite a lot more than a normal Festival: it is an act of love for music. Both in the classrooms, as well as in the theaters and halls where the concerts take place, it is easy to perceive vast amounts of enthusiasm and an environment of feverish passion that I believe I’ve never witnessed anywhere else in the world”. With the omen that this love and enthusiasm will involve and enrich always more and more people, Ticino Musica invites everybody to its 20th edition that will take place between the 17th and the 30th of July 2016.

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