Claudio Cinelli

Claudio Cinelli is one of the most eclectic figures in the world of the Italian artistic theatre. His experience ranges from theatre and opera to visual theatre. In more than 35 years of activity he has produced and directed approximately 50 performances both with his own companies and with artists who come from various experiences.

In 1972 at the age of 20 he was one of the leaders of Teatrolimite, one of the most politicised Italian theatres at the time when it was necessary to communicate a utopia, a dream not only within the theatre but also in the streets and factories when one’s presence became the means of communicating social tensions.

In 1982, after those enthusiastic years, he formed, with Alessandro Gigli, the “Gran Teatro dei Burattini del Sole”, a theatre group at the Centro di Sperimentazione e Ricerca Teatrale in Pontedera (Pisa) where he worked as art director until 1986. During this period he made various theatrical experiments with actors, puppets, shadows and mimes on operas like Turandot, Traviata, Macbeth, Ivan the terrible (the latter two in collaboration with the Teatrombrìa Group). It is perhaps with G. Verdi’s Traviata also known abroad as “Mani d’Opera”, or “One more kiss”, that Cinelli expresses with few but significant elements what will become his personal poetic style and proof of this is the fact that it is still performed in Italy and abroad.

From 1986 to 1990 he worked for the Italian tv and later took part in numerous programmes abroad. In 1992 he formed the “Porte Girevoli” (revolving doors) company, of which he is still Artistic Director. In this group there are a number of artists that Cinelli has met during several years and who share his artistic ideas and life style.

In 1993 this company co-produced with “Todifestival” the play on Puccini. “…..Puccini en sortira!” it was performed in Amsterdam (September 94) for the centenary of the Stadsschouburg, and it represented Italy. The play was an immediate success with the public and critics.

In 1995 Cinelli entered the field of Opera and has since been consulted both by the italian and foreign Opera Theatres on production, set designing, and costumes.

Since a number of years Claudio Cinelli has been an authority in the field of visual theatre, at international level. He holds courses on qualification and formation for institute and theatre academies, and has participated in approximately 500 Festivals in Italy and abroad. He has also designed and prepared important exhibitions.

Claudio Cinelli has a degree in Architecture with a thesis on History and Technique of Visual Theatre. He holds a diploma in production and set designing obtained from the Busoni Centre in Empoli directed by Virginio Puecher.

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