Opera Studio auditions: the winners

TICINO MUSICA Festival is pleased to announce the names of the winners of the auditions for the International Opera Studio “Silvio Varviso”, which in 2019 will stage Don Pasquale by Gaetano Donizetti!

Ranyi Jiang (China), Don Pasquale
Stefano Paradiso (Italy), Don Pasquale
Alfred Ciavarrella (Italy), Malatesta
Denis Denisov (Russia), Malatesta
Kang Seyoung (Korea), Norina
Renatka Kucharova Ferikova (Slovakia), Norina

Riccardo Fiscato (Italy)
Sándor Károlyi (Switzerland)

Francesco Manessi (Italy)
Francisco Rico Ferrández (Spain)

Al Pari Quartet (Poland)
Marta Lucjan, Alicja Miruk-Mirska, violin
Magdalena Maier, viola
Elżbieta Rychwalska, cello

Klaudia Baca (Poland), double bass
Eva María Martinez Saavedra (Spain), flute
Laura Garcia Itarte (Spain), clarinet
Sayoa Loinaz (Spain), horn
Andrea Curiale (Italia), guitar

The International Opera Studio “Silvio Varviso”, which is now in its 13th edition, each year selects musicians from all over the world, who through this experience acquire an artistic and pedagogical advantage of fundamental Importance in their path towards professional careers.

For the singers selected, the first date with Ticino Musica is for April 28, with the Gala Concert in the Hall of LAC!

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