International Opera Studio “Silvio Varviso”

Opera Studio 2015The Silvio Varviso International Opera Studio is an integral part of the educational and executive programme of our classical music festival in southern Switzerland. The objective is to give young singers the opportunity to study and interpret a specific Opera, so that they can test their abilities as performers and put into play their musical talent.

Through an international call for applications, singers audition to participate in the production of one opera. Two casts are then chosen for the actual Opera Studio so that this valuable opportunity is given to a greater number of young talents.

The musical direction is left in the hands of well-known artists who have managed to gain a place in the international panorama, and who work together with the singers for three weeks in the making of the programmed opera. Together with the musical director, singers work hand by hand with the stage director and the scenography and costume director so that the whole experience is enriched with the knowledge and guidance of these internationally recognized figures, guarrantying a production that is prepared to the highest levels of perfection.

To make this experience even more enriching, Ticino Musica invites to the plays specialized opera and singing agencies, and in this sense encourages the young talents to start working in their future careers. In the spirit of Ticino Musica, investing in young singers and conductors and giving them the opportunity to experience real-life scenario is of mandatory importance, especially if one considers that an occasion like this one is rarely given.

Production team:

Course title Teachers Dates
Opera Studio 17th June - 25 July 2019
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