A Christmas’ gift with Ticino Musica!

For Christmas this year you can give something very special to your friends and family: a subscription to the concerts of Ticino Musica Festival!

You can choose among those different options:

  • annual subscription at the special price of CHF 100 with free entrance to all events (code: Abo)
  • 4 entrance to concerts and 1 entrance to the opera at the special of CHF 60 (code: Carnet 5)
  • 1 entrance to one concert and 1 entrance to the opera at the special of CHF 40 (code: Carnet 2)

To buy one of this options you have to:

  1. do the payment on the bank account of Ticino Musica – IBAN CH69007644267662C000C, specifying as payment description “Christmas present – chosen option”
  2. send the payment receipt per email to info@ticinomusica.com

Then you will receive per email the package with the option you have chosen.

The offer is valid until December 22nd

Giving a subscription to the concerts of  Ticino Musica as Christmas present means giving the possibility to extend someone’s day with one or more hours of emotions, music, culture, wellness of the soul.


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